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Interview in Rotman School of Management


As I promised, I am going to tell you about questions I had on my interview in Rotman School of Management. Everything was very good very nice and friendly lady interviewing me. The interview itself was very short approximately 20 minutes and there was only one interviewer involved.

First she said that my school grades were excellent, which is very good for my application. Then she asked the following questions:

  • Why do I like my current job?
  • Why do I need MBA?
  • Why Rotman?
  • What do I want her to tell other members of admissions committee about me?
  • What was my recent hard decision?
  • What was my recent accomplishment?
  • What do I do in my spare time?
  • Do I have any questions?

So the set of questions was fairly easy to predict. I think I did well, could do better, of course. I think that my main goal of presenting myself as a friendly and sincere guy with good presentational skills I accomplished. Since they already had my grades and my professional letters of reference, now they have full picture of me and have to decide.

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