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A dirty Job by Christopher Moore


I just finished Christopher Moores A dirty job . Now I have two books left ) I remember that a couple of years ago I had two books to read as well he writes them that fast.

A very nice book to read, I have to say. It does not stand out as Lamb, but still it is one that captures you right from the beginning. As usual, Moore has lots of weird stuff going on in his book.

Charlie Asher is a Beta Male, for some reason he is not good in life, so he became Death. Not the Death, but a Death Merchant. Hellhounds, giant ravens, squirrel people and soul vessels all these things were not common to him.

Moore has three books about black things A dirty job, Bloodsucking fiends and You suck . I have not read the latter, but the first two I liked a lot.

Still my favorite is Lamb: Gospel according to Beaf, Jesus Christs pal.

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