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I had a terrible headache yesterday, so did not do anything neither web-projects nor sports. Well, what can we do, right?

Anyway, I made several pictures on Georgian Bay; you can see the third landscape here that would be Georgian Bay.

Since my landscape portfolio will continue to grow I will continue to put all my new pictures up here, so that nobody would mix up.

I also decided to sort my photos on my computer my pictures proved to date from year of 2003. I think that was the time when we bought our first Canon ixus 400, which had been successfully used by my Mom. One or two years later, cant remember the exact time, Katya had been given a Canon ixus i5 as a birthday gift.

Now weve got a DSLR Nikon D80 which is, of course, a tremendous progress from compact digital cameras to Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, from 5 Mega pixel to 10 Mega pixel, from birthday parties in Moscow shots to freezing sunset shots in Toronto.

Everybody seems to be happy about that, especially me myself, as its the first camera to be located in my room, which allows me more control then ever on such a device.

Of course, now I want Nikon 70-200 2.8 lens, which costs approximately 1,900 CAD in a store + canadian taxes. I also need a normal flashlight SB-600, which would give me more options when shooting in any conditions and also would leave alone poor battery. I would not say, that the battery is bad, no. Instead I would have to say that the battery is good, but the second exact same battery being put into an additional grip would be great as well. Needless to say that a tripod would allow me to shoot better landscapes than things like this.

Those are my wish list items, I would say. O, yes, and at least one portrait lens - like Nikon 50 1.8! By the way, this would be the easiest part it costs 150 CAD or so.

Having said that I will try to rearrange my music library as well.


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