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Nikon DSLR rumors


As you might know weve recently bought Nikon D80 with 18-70 lens. A very nice camera, I have to say. By preparing to the purchase and after that I became seriously involved into DSLR market.

Being frank, Canon and Nikon are, perhaps, the most serious competitors on the DSLR market today. Canon has more full-frame cameras and more lens to offer its customers, while Nikon has a tremendous quality and supports somewhat every(!) lens it has produced so far.

Nikon has only one full frame DSLR camera today D3 model. Its definitely a brilliant sport camera, since it offers 10 shots per second. And its the fastest camera in the world right now.

At the same time Canon has more full frame cameras to offer to its customers. And the basic 5D full frame from Canon would cost only $2500, while D3 costs $5400.

A lot of Nikon photographers are awaiting for something cheaper to appear on the market. Moreover, Ive heard that a lot of respected people expect Nikon to produce a full frame camera for less that $3000 within one-two years.

Also, Nikon is going to leave D200/D300 form-factor for serious amateur needs and is not going to produce a full frame camera in D200 or D300 body. New Nikon full frame cameras are going to appear in D2/D3 form-factors instead.

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