A statement of Purpose


Although the following is not about MBA stuff directly, it certainly fits well for Graduate education on the whole.

I applied to Masters of Mathematical Finance program at the University of Toronto and was to write a statement of purpose.

I was accepted to the program afterwards, so I see my statement of purpose to be a successful document, which played an important part in my application process.

There we go

I was interested in studying mathematics since I was fourteen. That was time, when I was inspired by my father to continue my studies at the university level. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) was well-known, nay, legendary by its level of education as well as amount of work it requires.

I had two years to prepare for entrance examinations and commenced immediately. Since my school studies were successful enough for me, I focused on my preparation. In fact, I can hardly recall that I did anything besides mathematics.

Thanks to my regular studies I successfully passed entrance examinations and was accepted into Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in July 2003.

Being in my second year I found finance interesting as by that time I have already studied plenty of technical subjects and took economic courses. I understood that by that time I touched almost every topic mathematics can be applied to - except finance. I analyzed every piece of information and tried to match it to the financial news and materials from The Economist. Importance of the financial industry and global applications of financial knowledge made me confident in my desire to explore this area.

My fiancée answered most of my questions regarding shares, investments, and risks. I was happy to realize that advanced math skills and quantitative analysis abilities are necessary to be successful in the field, so I decided to study finance further.

In future I see myself as an important part of a financial company, providing risks calculations and building an appreciated portfolio of mathematical tools and algorithms for the industry. To achieve this goal I would like to gain deeper knowledge in the area of finance as well as be trained in a competitive environment, from which I can learn a lot.

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