Why do you want to participate in MMPA program?


Why do you want to participate in MMPA program? What are your career plans and objectives upon completion of the MMPA?

I was sixteen when I was inspired by my father to continue my studies at the university level. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) was not only considered well-known, but also legendary with regard to its level of education as well as to the amount of work required to succeed there, so I decided to apply.

Thanks to my regular studies I successfully passed entrance examinations and was accepted into MIPT in July of 2003.

While in the beginning of my third year at university, I realized that I wanted to balance my educational experience in the sciences. I saw a posting to enroll in telecommunications courses offered in my university and sponsored by NetCracker Technology Corp. I knew that an engineering role could eventually lead to a project management position and decided to start from a technical position and registered in the courses.

By the end of my third year, I was ranked in the Top five in the courses and received a personal invitation for an interview and was hired to the product marketing department. Although working full-time and studying on Saturdays seemed challenging, I knew that it would be very rewarding and accepted the offer.

While working in a dynamic and highly competitive environment, I learned a lot about presenting technical problems to people without a technical background. As my experience grew, I was given more management tasks and finally started working with two trainees on developing research documents for the Industry Solutions project. During my work with NetCracker I learned that an excellent manager has to have varied experience and should possess both communication strategies for dealing with different personality types and the tremendous capacity and desire to keep on learning.

When I moved to Canada, I became a project manager at the Neon Beetle Studio in Toronto. This experience educated me on other facets of the business world. I understood the importance of marketing for every project and I wanted to gain more knowledge in that area. Therefore, I started attending marketing courses in School of Graduate Studies at University of Toronto. These courses, I am sure, will allow me to bridge the gap between my technical education and the business side of my job.

However I believe that a solid business education from a very recognized and appreciated university is required to succeed and achieve my ultimate career goal of being a top-manager in a mid-to-large size company. I believe that MMPA will play an integral role helping me to arrive at that goal. I would like to gain more in-depth knowledge in the areas of economics, international marketing, accounting, finance and management as well as be trained in a competitive environment, from which I can learn a lot.

All these reasons combined make me very enthusiastic about my future studies, and I hope my background and qualifications will be found suitable for admission to the Masters of Management and Professional Accounting program at the University of Toronto.

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Since I am not a native speaker, I decided to leave the grammar as is to add a foreign flavor to the essay. This essay has been reviewed by a native speaker though and no critical mistakes were reported to me:) We deliberately did this )

Alexander N

It sounds very impressive. I would fix the grammar in some places; however, overall the answer is both concise and effective.

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