Describe your most substantial accomplishments and explain why you view them as such?


There are several achievements in which I pride myself. These achievements played a very important role in my life.

Firstly, I consider my acceptance to Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in July of 2003 as one of the most important events in my life. The Institute is considered to be the best technical university in Russia, so my goal was to study there. I had two years to prepare and commenced immediately. To be accepted to MIPT, applicants have to pass two written examinations in mathematics and physics.

Each exam was graded on the scale of 0-12 marks. To be accepted to the most competitive and popular faculty of Electronics and Cybernetics the overall score had to be at least 22 out of 24. My studies became harder and harder in my last year at high-school as entrance exams approached. Since my school studies were successful enough for me, I focused on my preparation. In fact, I can hardly recall that I did anything besides mathematics. Thanks to my hard work, I successfully passed all examinations and was accepted to the program.

Secondly, the gradual change my career path took from a purely technical education to management and marketing positions was my next significant achievement. A number of current students, especially those who are in their last years of schooling, limit themselves with their education. They focus only on things they can do well and do not dare to explore new areas. As people mature, their interests in life may change and their goals change accordingly. This is especially typical for young and gifted people. I believe that changing goals is much better than not having a goal at all. After having completed the first major phase in my formal education and having gained some professional experience, I am more confident in my new goal of being a top manager. This is why I see my career change as an important achievement.

Thirdly, I already proved to myself that I can progress quickly. My Systems Engineer role at NetCracker Technology Corp. was my first serious professional experience and was my first professional team work experience as well. I had to learn a lot about writing different documents as well as about communicating on different levels. I was promoted to Lead Systems Engineer role to head a Research process for Industry Solutions project, which started in December of 2006. I successfully worked in a new capacity of a manager with two trainees with whom I created, prepared and presented technology research documents. Our results were appreciated both by system analysis departments and sales people.

Those are achievements which I am proud of.

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